Movement and Nutrition Coaching by Ruthie O’Hehir

Arise is for active, health-minded individuals looking to elevate their joy/enjoyment of life through intentional movement and nutrition.

If you are ready to discover increased health and happiness by realigning the way you move and fuel your body, then you’ve come to the right place.  Whether this is the first step in your journey or your journey has led you here: welcome to Arise.  Great things are waiting for you.

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I decided to go to Ruthie for training 3 times a week and I am SO pleased with the results I’ve had so far! I am gaining muscle I didn’t know I could and I’ve lost weight. I have a 6 month timeframe to meet my goals and I’m so encouraged that I’ve already made the amount of progress I have with her after only a little over a month! I can’t recommend her enough. My sessions are always uninterrupted. Ruthie will stay late after our sessions to answer any questions I have and is available over text if I need an answer quickly while I’m out. She’s taught me how to keep the proper form for every single movement we do and she makes sure I follow through with it throughout the entire session to make sure we aren’t wasting any time or energy. I am continually shocked to learn her ideas around exercise, form, and nutrition because past trainers I’ve gone to have not once mentioned the things she LIVES by. These are the things that I think have made the biggest difference in the efficiency of my progress! We’ve identified that I have some severely overactive muscles that I’ve had pain in far before seeing her.

29 Year Old Female

Ruthie has been my “go-to” personal trainer for about 2 years. When I first started working with her, my goal to “tone up and get in shape”. What I got was that, plus so much more. Unlike typical trainers I’ve worked with in the past, Ruthie wasn’t all about pushing me to my absolute max (read “burn-out” to the point I gave up). Instead, we focused first on correcting dysfunctional movement patterns so that I was actually working the muscles meant to work in various movements & exercises, rather than relying on the stronger muscles that liked to take over weaker ones. The result was more symmetry in my body and a much stronger core such that I was able to advance my training without burning out and more importantly, without injury. Ruthie is patient and encouraging, challenging “just the right amount” without going overboard, and very supportive. She held me accountable to my stated goals but gave me enough leeway to get back on the path when I veered off without making me feel bad about myself. Ruthie offers the best in personal training and nutritional counseling, I highly recommend her! 

51 Year Old Female