Inspired by the same intention to offer safe, bio-mechanically correct, and progressive training, Ruthie offers a unique yoga experience.  Her instruction focuses on body awareness, breath/body connect, mobility, and core stability.

Arise Yoga classes are like no other yoga class you’ve taken before…seriously!

Ruthie teaches safe, effective, and progressive postures designed to improve flexibility and mobility, as needed, while reinforcing stability, where needed.  Postures can be modified and/or progressed based on the needs of each participant through the use of props (blocks, straps, bolster/blanket support), making her classes welcoming to all levels.  Arise Yoga is designed to compliment, not interfere with, other training regimens (i.e. strength & conditioning, running, sports, etc.).

Each class includes breath work to increase body awareness, relax the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight), and prime the body to receive the benefits of each posture.  Ruthie also provides an opportunity to practice guided and/or silent meditation at the conclusion of every class.

Additional benefits include:

  • Limited class size (6-8 participants) to ensure individualized attention,
  • Safe, effective, and evidence-based postures and methods,
  • And an emphasis on injury prevention.