I came up with my original idea for “Arise” in the summer of 2011 when I was still living in Pennsylvania and working for Deloitte.  I wanted to turn an old Pennsylvania farm house into a Wellness Center; a beautiful space where like-minded people could come for a variety of services including nutrition coaching, yoga, group fitness, and private training.  I imagined each room of the house as a uniquely decorated movement space or office and a small coffee shop in the front featuring my most recent healthy baking experiments.  People would gather before/after their class or session to sit on the large wrap around porch with coffee/tea and a treat and share in conversation with the friends they had met or brought to the center.  “Arise” was meant to be a community and a space where we could nurture our minds and bodies, find companionship, and reconnect with a way of life that often feels forgotten.

Over the last 8 years, I’ve managed other people’s gyms and studios, worked in different wellness settings, and trained/taught with many amazing colleagues and clients.  I’ve learned a lot about movement and nutrition; so much so that many of my own beliefs about these topics have been challenged and changed (as I imagine they will continue to do).  All the places I’ve worked and the positions I’ve filled have helped me understand that my vision for “Arise” is not only unique but also fills a unique need that cannot be ignored or replaced by something “close enough”.  

While the virtual business I am launching today through this website may not be the old Pennsylvania farm house, it is an immediate way to build community, share the knowledge I am passionate to share, and inspire the world to reach for health, happiness, and authenticity.  It is, in fact, my own expression of authenticity.

The Marianne Williamson quote at the bottom of this website serves as a reminder not only to myself but also to anyone who visits “Arise”:  we all have a light that we are meant to shine.  We can avoid it, dim it, try to work our way around it – but it will always shine within us and continue to call us forward.

Moving forward, this blog will offer meaningful and reliable information.  The articles/posts will help you connect with me, understand my approach to intentional movement and nutrition, and attract the people who are ready to join me in the “Arise” community.  Today, I invite you to explore my site, share it with a friend, and reach out to me directly with any questions or comments.

Whether this is the first step in your journey or your journey has led you here: welcome to Arise.  Great things are waiting for you.

Always, with love.


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