Movement Coaching

Our body’s ability to move and do what we ask of it is an incredible gift; not to be neglected or taken advantage of.  Ruthie helps you rediscover the power and potential of your body, bringing back the enjoyment of movement and exercise.  Feel good in your body and enjoy whatever activity or movement that inspires you!

Are you working out regularly and not reaching your goals?

Do you feel drained by your workouts instead of feeling energized, excited, and motivated?

Do you experience pain before/during/after your workouts?

Are you looking for ways to focus, simplify or, re-energize your exercise routine?

Do you need help sorting through all the health and fitness related information that’s available and developing the right plan for YOU and YOUR goals?

Do you want exercise to be a part of your day that makes you feel good/better as opposed to worse?

If any of these questions resonate with you, contact Ruthie today for a Free Consultation.  Don’t waste another day not feeling your best!

Movement Coaching Services

Ruthie focuses on appropriate, quality, and progressive movement; finding and correcting imbalances and restoring your body to the way it was intended to move so that you can feel good and reach new heights in your performance.

Movement Coaching Services begin with an initial assessment of your health history, goals, and current exercise routine.  You can also elect to complete a virtual movement screening with Ruthie via Zoom.

Based on the information collected during your initial assessment, Ruthie provides recommendations that you can begin to implement immediately to help you make progress towards your goals.