I decided to go to Ruthie for training 3 times a week and I am SO pleased with the results I’ve had so far! I am gaining muscle I didn’t know I could and I’ve lost weight. I have a 6 month timeframe to meet my goals and I’m so encouraged that I’ve already made the amount of progress I have with her after only a little over a month! I can’t recommend her enough. My sessions are always uninterrupted. Ruthie will stay late after our sessions to answer any questions I have and is available over text if I need an answer quickly while I’m out. She’s taught me how to keep the proper form for every single movement we do and she makes sure I follow through with it throughout the entire session to make sure we aren’t wasting any time or energy. I am continually shocked to learn her ideas around exercise, form, and nutrition because past trainers I’ve gone to have not once mentioned the things she LIVES by. These are the things that I think have made the biggest difference in the efficiency of my progress! We’ve identified that I have some severely overactive muscles that I’ve had pain in far before seeing her.

29 Year Old Female