Ruthie has been my “go-to” personal trainer for about 2 years. When I first started working with her, my goal to “tone up and get in shape”. What I got was that, plus so much more. Unlike typical trainers I’ve worked with in the past, Ruthie wasn’t all about pushing me to my absolute max (read “burn-out” to the point I gave up). Instead, we focused first on correcting dysfunctional movement patterns so that I was actually working the muscles meant to work in various movements & exercises, rather than relying on the stronger muscles that liked to take over weaker ones. The result was more symmetry in my body and a much stronger core such that I was able to advance my training without burning out and more importantly, without injury. Ruthie is patient and encouraging, challenging “just the right amount” without going overboard, and very supportive. She held me accountable to my stated goals but gave me enough leeway to get back on the path when I veered off without making me feel bad about myself. Ruthie offers the best in personal training and nutritional counseling, I highly recommend her! 

51 Year Old Female